Decoding The Monsoon Floods

Floods are amongst the most damaging and recurrent of all disasters in the region. Additionally, they are morphing into new and even more devastating forms in recent years.

Uncovering these nuances, ‘Decoding the monsoon floods in Bangladesh, India, Myanmar and Nepal’ is a regional analysis report based on disaster data between 2000 and 2017.

Flooding events (from floods and cyclones) make up three-fourths of the total disasters in this part of Asia over the last 18 years. Almost the entire region has experienced at least one flood in the new millennium and more than half the region is prone to recurrent flooding.

Defying our perceptions, even known desert regions are experiencing a flood event almost every year in recent years. Gujarat and Rajasthan in India have witnessed more floods than the country’s average in the last 18 years.

This emerging trend underscores the urgent need to focus on community resilience to floods. This report was developed under the ‘Safer Communities Innovation Lab’ initiative centred around Bangladesh, whose primary function is to support community-led innovations focussed on disaster preparedness. To address this scale of a crisis, this is where a significant share of our efforts will need to focus in the coming times.

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