Assam and Bihar Floods

SEEDS is responding to Assam and Bihar floods, reaching out to the affected communities!

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The states of Assam and Bihar in India are witnessing torrential rains and devastating floods that have ravaged lives of over 12.6 million people. As of 21st July 2019, the crisis has affected over 5.7 million people across northern Assam, claiming 67 lives. Whereas in Bihar, flash floods caused by heavy rains in catchment areas of Nepal have affected over 6.9 million people and claimed 97 lives.

Inundation has caused contamination of drinking water across the two states. As the water recedes, new challenges will emerge. Structural damages of houses and schools are expected to be very high, rendering them inhabitable.

Rebuilding for the affected families begins from day 1. Getting back a home is a primary concern. Surrounding issues around immediate medical attention, contaminated water sources and hygiene & utility items also urgently need to be addressed.

SEEDS is reaching out to 20,000 affected families with immediate support for water, health and hygiene in Assam and Bihar. Our community-driven local task force in Bihar has helped evacuate families through early warning systems, saving thousands of lives. SEEDS and its partners have carried out recovery programmes in the past that seek to revive traditional practices keeping people at the centre of all their actions.

For further information contact:
Ms. Pritha Purkayastha, Co-ordinator, Resource Mobilisation and Partnership
Mobile: +91 98685 06347 | Email: pritha@seedsindia.org