Be our Champions. Conserve Wetlands

This World Wetlands Day – Join us in assisting coastal communities and protecting wetlands!

The streambank close to my residence frequently collapses. I appreciate SEEDS for taking care of my family, my community and myself. I can now take care of my loved ones and the ecosystem at the same time,” says Gour Hari Das, a community member of Sundarbans, West Bengal.

In India, the agricultural runoff and discharge of untreated sewage and other waste from urban areas contaminate coastal wetlands. It also puts the natural water bodies in the area at risk of extinction. As per the Wetlands International South Asia (WISA), nearly 30 percent of the natural wetlands in India have been lost in the last three decades, primarily due to illegal construction, unsustainable urbanisation, agricultural expansion and pollution.

SEEDS has been collaborating with the coastal communities in West Bengal’s Sundarbans area to restore the natural ecosystem as well as promote sustainable livelihoods. Potential coastal risks in Sundarbans region include loss of land due to increased erosion, damage to coastal infrastructure, salinisation of freshwater supplies etc. In addition to Sundarbans, we are also covering Kanwar lake in Bihar’s Begusarai, Wazirabad Lake in Haryana and Huvinayakanahalli Lake in Bengaluru.

Our response:

  • Educate and sensitise the community towards safeguarding wetlands and associated ecosystem components; community based interactive awareness programmes to understand the needs of the community
  • Riversides and stream bank protection through nature-based solutions- vegetation, like coir mats, bamboo / areca nut mats – inner line to mangroves
  • Rejuvenation and cleaning of water bodies as source of water supply: To improvise lake infrastructure (rainwater inlet channels) to increase rainwater inflow into the water-body
  • Entrepreneurship Development Training support: Business training support to the women Self-Help Groups (SHGs) to equip them with the skills to manage the group account and market their products; and knowledge to sustain and supply

Targeted geography:
Wazirabad Lake in Haryana’s Gurugram, Kanwar Lake in Bihar’s Begusarai; Huvinayakanahalli Lake in Karnataka’s Bengaluru and West Bengal’s South 24 Parganas

Our Impact:

West Bengal: Coastal population in Patherpratima block of South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal is being protected against future climate induced disasters using Nature-based solutions. Our initiative has been focusing over 80, 000 vulnerable individuals, emphasising women under SHGs and the other fishing and farming communities.

Bihar:  In Bihar, we have been reaching out to around 40000 individuals in gram panchayats namely Manjhaul 1, 2 and 3, Rajaur, Dunahi and Khajahanpur of Garhpura and Cheriabariyarpur block, Begusarai. As part of the initiative, five water bodies have been identified around them and assessed in order to build awareness within the community about the management and conservation of wetlands and waterbodies.

Haryana: A lake in Wazirabad village, Gurugram, was severely polluted by an inflow of raw sewage through its inlets. In order to revive the biodiversity and recover the green spaces within the urban landscape, restoration work has been initiated. With this initiative, we have been covering over 2000 households.

Karnataka: To improvise the lake infrastructure in Bengaluru, de-weeding, land cleaning and removal of debris from catchment area have been carried out. About 2000 saplings of indigenous varieties have = been planted in the identified villages.  Furthermore, awareness workshops and training programmes have been conducted for the community, on organic and natural farming, water management and more.

We seek your support to ensure we reach out to the communities till last miles.

Help us protect wetlands – Rs. 800


Train and support the communities for wetland-friendly livelihoods – Rs. 2000


Help restore and preserve water bodies to ensure continuity of water supply – Rs. 2000


Riversides and stream bank protection through nature-based solutions – Rs. 5000

Your donation will help safeguard our wetlands and save our climate!

For further information, contact:
Ms. Poonam Pradhan
Email: partnership@seedsindia.org