SEEDS #BeatTheHeat Champions Contest

About the contest:

The contest is a way to spread awareness and nudge people to take actions to make their homes cooler this summer using low-cost and easy-to-implement solutions. We are reaching out to over 50,000 individuals living in informal, unregulated and dense urban settlements in East Delhi by providing a series of early warning communication material and simple ideas to mitigate heat related risks.


The competition is open to a target population of 50,000 individuals in East Delhi living in informal, unregulated and dense urban settlements who will receive the advisory material through Whatsapp. We are reaching out to them through our extensive volunteer networks of civil society groups and teachers. They can enter the competition by answering a short #BeatTheHeat quiz which is provided along with the advisories. 

Please note that the competition is not open to anyone else. 

Contest Timeline:
Stage 1: Fill #BeatTheHeat Quiz by 10th May
Stage 2: Shortlisting of 500 candidates on 15th May
Stage 3: Contest task to be completed by 31st May
Stage 4: Selection of 30 champions on 10th June and distribution of prizes subsequently

Background: Heatwave and Built Environment
It is a common myth that heat related deaths can happen only under direct sun. According to Dileep Mavalankar, Director of Institute of Public Health, medically certified heat stroke deaths account for only 10% of total deaths due to heat waves and the indirect deaths remain invisible. A pertinent factor behind the invisible heat-related illnesses is the poor quality of built environment. Thus, heat is dangerous even at night! Our homes absorb heat in the day and radiate it at night leading to increased risk of heat-related illnesses. It is much more magnified in the informal settlements where construction is out of materials such as tarpaulin, tin or asbestos sheets and un-plastered bricks that have low insulation capacities. With people spending more time indoors due to COVID-19 surge, the vulnerability to heat related illnesses will also increase.

SEEDS #BeatTheHeat Advisories

This summer, keep hydrated, remain indoors and stay aware
Did you know that the heatwave advisory is color coded? Learn what to do and what not to do on a green, yellow, orange or red alert day.

This summer, let’s paint our home cool!
Over 70% of the heat gain in a building happens through its roof. Learn how this heat gain in your house can be reduced.

This summer, let’s insulate and shade our homes!
In cities, houses are often constructed of materials that have poor insulation. High densities of urban settlements also add up to the urban heat island effect. Learn what can be done to make our environment cooler.