From the diary of a migrant worker!

The world today stands topsy-turvy with serious and ghastly repercussions of Covid -19 glaring into its face.  While the worst hit is the migrants in India who are working as labourers and are away from their hometown and families for a living. Outbreak of pandemic resulting into indefinite lockdown has made their life extremely traumatic leaving them in desperation to go home.

This is an account of one of such migrant worker who had travelled all the way from Saharsa district in Bihar to Delhi years ago with a hope of better future but ended up as a labourer. With a family of seven to support, Pooran had been struggling this lockdown.

On returning back to his village Pooran and this family were immediately quarantined in Sirbar Birbar, Saharsa. The isolation ward had been built on a short notice that explained the scarcity of basic sanitation facilities in it. But to fight the contagious virus, cleanliness and hygiene were priority. Hence, Panchayat leader Mona Bharti wrote to SEEDS for support.

With the help of Task Force members, community members and Panchayat members, SEEDS prepared a list of the people in isolation ward and distributed hygiene kits as well as extended hands to keep the surroundings clean and hygienic.

On returning home, Pooran said in a hoarse voice, “I am grateful to your team for providing us all with safety gears and a hope to live. Initially, the condition in the isolation ward was not favourable but after the intervention, I had a towel, soap, bed sheet, mosquito net, toothpaste and bathing soap etc. Thank you, SEEDS, for helping me reunite with my family healthy and well.”