Conserving Ground Water for Future Generation

Due to the continuous change in the climate there is a constant degradation of water table in Mahishi Block. The main reason for this is lack of rain water and the disbursement of rain water into river, streams, lakes and small puddle/ponds. Farmer also uses the water for irrigation purpose which result in reducing the ground water level as it never gets recharged.

Government and local organisations plays a crucial role here as they are not paying attention to improve the facilities related to regenerating the ground water. But with the help of panchayat and participation of local communities, the construction of ponds were processed which was the best effort taken for the betterment of the communities. It will help in collecting rain water in ponds and rivers so that farmers will complete their need of water from them and also help to recharge ground water.

With SEEDS organisation association under PfR- SP project task force members were encouraged to collect rain water and recharge the ground water. SEEDS organisation staff disseminate the information over the importation of ground water, deterioration in ground water, its restoration in terms of conserving natural rivers, ponds, streams etc. to the panchayat members and task force members of Thanvar village under schemes of panchayat.

Shivnarayan Rai, a farmer of Thanvar village started construction of pond on his own land under the MNREGA scheme. The total cost of the construction of pond is about INR 147,500/- and it also increase the employment rate as it provide employment to 25 job card holder. Shivnarayan Rai, considered this opportunity as his alternate source of livelihood and also started pisciculture. He started to conserve rain water so that he can use less amount of ground water.

Similarly, one more pond was constructed in the same panchayat whose size covered the total 06 kattha land and provided livelihood to the 05 more families by fishing which also shows a good approach for saving ground water for future generation.

Around 22 farmers were cultivating approx. 25 acre of land and installed boring set which cost them INR 10-15 thousand and a single pumping set can be used for pumping water. But with the construction of ponds or puddles we can installed 2-3 water pumping sets which can be used by multiple farmers at the same time and it is time efficient also.

Rearing of fishes had increased the income of farmers to 15-20 thousands and more within 4- 5 months which leads to increase in the employment and resolve the issues of migration.

The reduction in stress due to the curtailing in debts effects the farmer family as he started to send his children to schools. On the other side they are quite happy as they are earning extra from their alternate source of livelihood and also encouraging other farmers for doing the same.

With the help of SEEDS organisation and incorporating the concept of disseminating information of conservation of ground water in Panchayat Yojana will be a great contribution as it can also promote the pisciculture by constructing the ponds.