Cyclone Fani Updates

SEEDS team of architects, engineers and social workers have been busy developing a design for the transitional shelter, a Safe and sustainable transitional home reducing risks for future disasters!
Parag Talankar - Puri Odisha Cyclone Fani

SEEDS team in Puri having a direct conversation with affected families, capturing the ground situations and understanding the current needs of the people.
Safe water & Hygiene Awareness in Biramput and Raghusardarbar Jalpai villages of East Medinipur, West Bengal. 190 families (910 people) have already been reached.
For the first time in first 5 days post cyclone Fani, 123 families comprising of 500 people have been able to eat a decent meal, facilitated by SEEDS and the local NGO Spandan in Baliapanda in Puri.
Water, shelter and sanitation conditions in Baliapanda in Puri.
SEEDS team assessing the lives of houseowners in Kinnar Basti in Odisha.
Damage assessment by district Sabhadipati and other officials in Jhargram district, West Bengal
Visible damages post cyclone: East Medinipur and Jhargram districts in West Bengal
SEEDS team assessing damage on ground: Settlements Barabhuja, Bhubaneshwar in Odisha
Damage reported in Penthakotha in Puri and Jhargram in West Bengal
Emergency meeting in progress at SEEDS Delhi Head Office
FANI hits Puri in Odisha and other parts of West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh.
People were moved safely to different cyclone shelters in Bholakhali Kalinagar, GP in West Bengal and Kendrapara in Odisha. NDRF teams were deployed on the field.
Government initiated evacuation process in Puri, Odisha