Cyclone Fani Updates

Rigorous cleaning activity in Baliapanda village has been possible with major support from the youth volunteers and highly engaged community.
With constant support from the community volunteers, the hand pump chlorination in Baliapanda village in Puri is encouraged to be more of a community driven process. Beyond this, the youth volunteers have been visiting maximum households talking about the source of water contamination and helping people understand how to reduce the lurking risks.
For detailed insights and assessments of water condition, SEEDS team with local volunteers continue to visit Pentakota area in Puri at household level. The assessment included the water quality testing; PH levels, tube well and hand pump sanitation surveillance.
Awareness Campaign by SEEDS team highlighting five key points: Water borne diseases and water quality monitoring, water source chlorination and securing your family from communicable diseases, ORS preparation at household level, hand wash practice and stopping open defecation.
Engaging deep at the community level, SEEDS team involved in the Water Sanitation and hygiene promotion using different visuals, in the Harijan Basti, Jigria in Puri.
SEEDS’ Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WaSH) team on ground setting up its very first activity of chlorination and disinfection for a hygienic environment in Baliapanda, Puri.
United Way of Mumbai team visit and inauguration of the shelter took place with entire community in Biripadia Village. General interaction with the community and the process of the shelter construction were some important things discussed around.
Nearing the completion phase, the house owners were actively involved in the construction process of the first shelter in Biripadia Village- Pratapramachandrapur gram panchayat in Sadar block, Puri. Detailed bamboo work and wall decoration has established new standard for shelter designs by the community, restoring the daily life.
The community women mobilise at Biripadia, Ramchandrapur gram panchayat in sadar block in Puri, gearing up to put in the labour for the ongoing shelter construction by SEEDS team. Their participation will not only sensitize the construction phase but will also help the community women stand together.
SEEDS’ volunteers on ground actively monitoring the construction process of the first shelter in Biripadia Village- Pratapramachandrapur gram panchayat in Sadar block, Puri. For a satisfactory work, SEEDS team involved the community to participate during the construction phase giving them a clearer idea of the design.
After detailed discussions and feedback from the communities, our team on ground successfully initiated the construction process of the first shelter in Biripadia Village- Pratapramachandrapur gram panchayat in Sadar block, Puri.
Team B- Multi Speciality Medical Camps in Jhinkiria Jagannathapur up school- Balipada Gram Panchayat in Puri
Recent efforts in setting up multi speciality medical camps in Bali Nolia Sahi and Balipada in Puri (Team A) has helped the communities tackle underlying multiple health risks which demanded a lot of attention.
The community discussion in Biripadia Village- Pratapramachandrapur gram panchayat in Sadar block, Puri helping the SEEDS team getting their response and suggestions over the shelter designs.
SEEDS team reaching out in Balianolia Sahi Ward no 8 Puri town, to provide immediate access of safe water to the communities.
SEEDS team on ground helping the people of 6 Rameshwar Patana GP Baliguali Sadar Block in Puri, to get immediate relief through community filters.
Parag Talankar - Puri Odisha Cyclone Fani

SEEDS team in Puri having a direct conversation with affected families, capturing the ground situations and understanding the current needs of the people.
Safe water & Hygiene Awareness in Biramput and Raghusardarbar Jalpai villages of East Medinipur, West Bengal. 190 families (910 people) have already been reached.
For the first time in first 5 days post cyclone Fani, 123 families comprising of 500 people have been able to eat a decent meal, facilitated by SEEDS and the local NGO Spandan in Baliapanda in Puri.
Water, shelter and sanitation conditions in Baliapanda in Puri.
SEEDS team assessing the lives of houseowners in Kinnar Basti in Odisha.
Damage assessment by district Sabhadipati and other officials in Jhargram district, West Bengal
Visible damages post cyclone: East Medinipur and Jhargram districts in West Bengal
SEEDS team assessing damage on ground: Settlements Barabhuja, Bhubaneshwar in Odisha
Damage reported in Penthakotha in Puri and Jhargram in West Bengal
Emergency meeting in progress at SEEDS Delhi Head Office
FANI hits Puri in Odisha and other parts of West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh.
People were moved safely to different cyclone shelters in Bholakhali Kalinagar, GP in West Bengal and Kendrapara in Odisha. NDRF teams were deployed on the field.
Government initiated evacuation process in Puri, Odisha