Build Back Better

SEEDS is responding to Cyclone Amphan
in times of Covid-19!

On 20 May 2020, extremely severe cyclonic storm ‘Cyclone Amphan’ made landfall near Sagar Island in West Bengal in India. The intense packing winds of up to 190 kmph, rampaged through coastal areas of West Bengal and has caused extensive damage.

Over 5 lakh people were evacuated in the cyclone’s path, districts of with East Midnapore, South 24 Parganas and Kolkata are worst-affected. Thousands of families are suffering through one of the most intense cyclones with coronavirus pandemic at the hindsight and require urgent humanitarian aid.

Cyclone shelters and evacuation centres are with limited access to food, safe drinking water and hygiene items. The frontline aid workers and volunteers need adequate PPE for safer response. With extensive damage to houses rebuilding for the affected families begins from day 1. other issues are around immediate homes repair support, survival with food, safe drinking water, hygiene items, basic home utilities and medicine is the key.

Support SEEDS in Rebuilding the Lives of the Families Adversely Affected by Cyclone Amphan
Ration Kit – Rs. 1000

To help feed a family of five with ration kit consisting of a wheat flour, rice, pulses, oil, spices, salt, soybean, sugar, tea leaf and milk powder.


Safe Drinking Water – Rs. 1000

To support one family with safe drinking water for a month through local water treatment.


Hygiene Kit – Rs. 1500

To ensure dignity for a family and protect it from coronavirus and poor sanitary conditions. It comprises reusable masks, toothbrushes and paste, towels, sanitary pads, nail cutter, bathing and washing soap, buckets and mug.


Home Utility Kit – Rs. 4000

To enable a family to cook and rest. It comprises plates, glasses, bowl, spoons, lighter; and bedding items like floor mat, bed sheet and solar lamp with USB charger.

For further information contact:
Mr. Sidarth Sharma, Resource Mobilisation and Partnership
Mobile: +91 9136001392 | Email: ssharma@seedsindia.org

Our Response

Inspired by vernacular housing typologies of the region, SEEDS team constructed its first house
in Patharpratima block, WestBengal, restoring the culture, memories, and spirit that home-owner
Panchami Purkayi lost after cyclone Amphan.

Involvement of the home-owner in construction process was a success. Capacitating the community
in such circumstances has been an essential part of SEEDS.

Actively involved SEEDERS with locals and ground partner KJKS team continued to work hard amidst the pandemic, facing
bad weather with torrential rains.

Built using natural materials with disaster risk reduction features, the house provides safe & comfortable environment
with minimum carbon footprint!

SEEDS’ first prototype shelter in patharpratima block, Gopalnagar Panchayat in West Bengal was built with a celebrated
opening of ‘Bhumi Pujan’ (Land Inauguration) by the family members.

SEEDS along with Grace Cancer foundation initiated a health campaign; an idea of a mobile health bus that travelled across Amphan hit districts- East Medinipur, North and South 24 parganas providing medical services to affected people in times of COVID-19.

Medical health bus was functional with support of team of doctors and health care professionals ensuring safety measures at every base.

Asha workers, health care specialists were a great support in attending the incoming patients.

The special equipment in the bus helped us ‘Reach the Unreachable’ with better facilities for a better treatment!

Reaching out to Amphan affected families and communities in remotest areas with health facilities was possible with the support of IBM.

SEEDS team took the initiative of distribution of ration kits to the affected communities with the support from ground partner KJKS.

The pregnant and lactating women needed an urgent attention in view of the basic diet. SEEDS distributed nutritional food kits to mitigate nutritional deficiency and any other possible health risk for such women.

SEEDS facilitated to 15 villages, around 7000 families with safe drinking water in Sarada gram panchayat, East Medinipur.

SEEDER Jesus Gopal shared his ground experience with Mobile Health Bus supported by SEEDS and Grace Cancer Foundation; reaching out bravely to Cyclone Amphan affected people under the threat of COVID-19 in West Bengal.
The struggle for communities in Sundarbans continued to get more difficult with each passing day. Post Amphan, SEEDER Kamal Kumar Tripathi updated the situation live from ground on how the monsoons had brought the fear of seasonal diseases in times of #COVID19. The affected families need urgent help to rebuild their homes.
As a part of SEEDS and Grace Cancer Foundation, Dr. Abhishek, being one of the key doctors from the mobile health bus shares his experience on supporting the Amphan affected communities across East Mednipur, North and South 24 Paraganas, who also face a larger battle against COVID-19. A short visual compilation!


Nayan Gudia’s family is one of the worst affected in Gopal Chowk, Deshapran Block. The mud and brick house could not withstand the intense wind pressure and collapsed. Nearly 6 month’s ration, poultry and fish was lost. Banana trees, vegetables and mango trees planted in the yard were affected! Restoring the dignity of such families is the key priority.

Partially to fully damaged homes, a major need to re-building shelters is a major requirement

Dilapidated condition of Barabantalia high school in Deshapran reminds us to get the schools running again for students to resume their education.

Damage assessment of homes, schools, PHC’s, health centres in South 24 Parganas was led by SEEDS team for ‘BuildBackBetter initiative.

Communities evacuated and shifted to schools and cyclone shelters in Bokkhali MPCS, South 24 Parganas.

Safety measures were assured due to COVID-19 and a hygienic environment
was maintained for the safety of communities.

Hygienic and healthy food services were also ensured during the emergency in East Mednipur.

Cyclone Amphan makes its landfall- Digha, Sankarpur, Tajpur, Mandarmoni regions of
East Mednipur District.

Power supplies were affected due to heavy rains and strong wind speeds. Families inside the relief camp in Sarada village, East Mednipur District managed with candles and lanterns.

Damage scenario from Hinchi village of Deshapran block of East Mednipur district was reported.

Damage to property was also witnessed in Kolkata.

Damage in South 24 Paraganas district- Magrahat and Gosaba block.

Intensive damage to homes were witnessed in Khejuri I block.

Biodiversity and plantation were massively impacted!

Damaged homes and property in North 24 Paraganas

Emerging Needs- Voices

Journey to ‘Aila Ghar’

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Thank you to all the partners and volunteers without whom the ongoing work wouldn’t have been possible

Media Snapshots