Join hands in reaching to people of Narava, Andhra Pradesh

The cyclonic storm ‘Gulab’, with wind speeds touching about 95 kmph, made landfall at Miduguda and Tokali villages near Kalingapatnam town in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh on September 26, 2021.

The people of Narava village in Vishakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh needs you. Post cyclone Gulab, the village received more than 48 hours of continuous rain leading to flooding in the area. Two lives were lost have been reported from this village inhabiting 9,300 people. There is loss of more than 18 hectares agricultural land, more than 350 houses have been damaged affecting a total population of more than 1,200. The ongoing adverse impact of Covid-19, additional challenges posed by the cyclone hence calls for urgent humanitarian aid.

There are nearly 400 villages like Narava in the three worst-affected districts of Andhra Pradesh that need immediate support.
How can you help?

1. Donate by providing support for these immediate needs from the ground

Ration Kit – Rs. 1000

To help feed a family of five with ration kit consisting of a wheat flour, rice, pulses, oil, salt, and sugar.


Hygiene Kit – Rs. 1500

To ensure dignity for a family and protect it from coronavirus and poor sanitary conditions. It comprises of masks, toothbrushes and paste, towel, sanitary pads, nail cutter, bathing soap, washing soap and powder, buckets and mug.


Repair of water, sanitation & housing – Rs. 15000

To support families with unfit structures due to cyclone and heavy rainfall. Help in providing technical assessment and safe repair interventions to water, sanitation & housing.


2. Sharing this need with any other organisations/ individuals that can support people of Andhra Pradesh. They can join us in this mission, or we can facilitate to help in reaching to these communities directly.

Reach out to Sidarth for more information:
Mobile: +91 9136001392 | Email: ssharma@seedsindia.org


SEEDS Emergency Helpline is now operational for Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. Call on this Toll Free no. 18008890546 for any support in affected areas. Please spread this message in your family, friends, network groups for maximum reach.