A Woman of Million Hearts!

“SEEDS is no less than a messenger of God, as it is taking the initiative of helping not only the adults of poor families but also the small children who had been crying incessantly due to starvation”, says Bhudhani Devi.

On the sides of Yamuna, Budhani lived with her six daughters and two sons and husband Ashok in a village named Machhi Katta, Mayur Vihar, Delhi.

In the course of relief kits distribution in the vicinity, she came to request for some food but the kits were exhausted by then. The team, in a spirit to help, revisited the area and provided her with wheat flour, rice, sugar, mustard oil, pulses and salt. While Budhani expressed her gratitude for receiving the ration, she also directed the team to other families in need wherein she herself distributed the kits to her neighbours. All the families in the area were evidently famished.

With tears in her eyes, Budhani blessed the team and signed off quoting, “We cannot leave our children behind and go out for food. We had been missing meals to adjust the ration in stock. But these kits will be helpful.”

Members of SEEDS acknowledged and appreciated Budhani’s expression of praise and in return also applauded her spirit of helping other neighbours by informing the team about them.