SEEDS ‘Covid Frontline’ helpline service is intended for Covid-19 related queries and is for referral purposes only. We have curated a backend data base of phone numbers based on publicly available information. However, while every effort is made to provide verified and validated information through the helpline, we encourage callers to re- check before acting on the information provided by us and/or availing any services. We cannot assure or guarantee the accuracy and veracity of the data and information provided to the caller. SEEDS will not be held liable or responsible for any inaccuracy in the data/information provided or for any loss/damage incurred by the caller and/or any other person who may have acted upon the data/information provided by SEEDS at the first place.

SEEDS does not share any personal data without verifying. While reasonable procedures are adopted to ensure no personal details are shared, SEEDS shall not be held accountable for further sharing of any resource number during Covid Emergency.

Please be advised that the nature of the data involved is time sensitive and very dynamic. Despite our best efforts to provide the most updated and latest information, there is always a possibility that the information provided is dated due to a time lag or any other reason whatsoever. Any error in the data/information shared with the caller is un-intentional and SEEDS, once apprised shall make best efforts to rectify the same as early as possible.

The information/ data provided by SEEDS is only for personal and non-commercial use.

SEEDS does not make any recommendations or guarantees regarding the quality of service or medical advice received from any of the resources provided. SEEDS does not endorse these resources and makes no representations, warranties or guarantees and assumes no responsibility for, the services provided by these entities.