Support Small Business Resilience to Big Disasters

Disasters can strike without warning which may cause lasting effects on people and property. The MSME (micro, small, and medium enterprise) sector plays a significant role in promoting economic growth, employment, trade, and innovation. It accounts for 30% of the India’s GDP and employs more than 11 crore people*. Among the most pressing challenges facing MSMEs today are the lack of resources and insufficient access to technology and innovation and information on improving their businesses. Furthermore, MSMEs in the India are more at risk as they are still reeling from Covid-19 lockdown while being exposed to ongoing climate disasters.

Moreover, addressing MSME needs is aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Framework (please hyperlink https://sdgs.un.org/goals)  aimed at achieving a better and more sustainable future by addressing issues on poverty, decent work, and economic growth, reducing inequalities, and building sustainable cities and communities.

To help address these, SEEDS builds the capacity of MSMEs across all regions in the country through AI mapping, risk financing, and essential disaster risk reduction and management concepts and tools. MSMEs are at the forefront of livelihood recovery after disasters hence providing an economic buffer at times of distress is critical. Together with our partners on the ground, we provide interventions that equips MSMEs with tools that are essential in keeping their businesses and families safe in times of disaster. Helping businesses upgrading assets, machinery and technology, access to financing opportunities such as loans, insurance, government schemes, certifications and registrations and support with digital capacity building and overcoming high digitalisation costs are some of the measures SEEDS has undertaken to help increase MSME resilience to shocks.

The survival of many small businesses continue to be risk, as they are forced to scale down operations and lay-off workers. Help small businesses who have suffered disproportionately due to COVID-19 pandemic and other climate disasters recover. Donate to rebuild the backbone of local economy.

Your contribution can help save and restore lives! Donate now.

For further information contact:
Mr. Sidarth Sharma, Resource Mobilisation and Partnership
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