Balancing lives of Daily Wage Workers

India’s coronavirus outbreak followed with the lockdown has shone a spotlight on the hard life of the daily wage earners. They are either out of jobs or have seen a sharp drop in their earnings and this loss of income is proving to be a catastrophic on several fronts. Although SEEDS have tremendously reached out to several sections of the society and the daily wage earners are also successfully reached out.

Rakhee Mishra, homemaker and a mother of four year old daughter lived happily in Mohammdpur Jharsa Village, Gurugram until the COVID – 19 hit the country. Her husband worked for a service centre and could barely afford huge expenses. However, when the country called upon a strict lockdown its consequences hit her family. “From the last two months, we have no income. Our landlord is also demanding to pay the rent. Tell me, what and how will we eat?” Rakhi mentions.

It is heart-breaking to see how people, who were otherwise living a life of satisfaction, are now on the roads in search of food and a means to sustain. Rakhi and her family shall now be able to fill their plates with food and love but we, still, need a long way to go.