Join Hands To Reach The Vulnerable Affected By Heatwave to Operation Chhaya

2022 is shaping up to be the one of the hottest years in human history, with record-breaking temperatures creating some of the most intense heat waves we have experienced.  The national capital region recorded 40 degrees Celsius, on 7 April, 2022. The ongoing spell of heatwaves in Delhi and neighbouring states is likely to intensify in the coming days.

The statistics paint a grim picture with over 17,000 deaths caused by heatwaves, between 1971 to 2019, accounting for over 12 % of the total deaths recorded for all extreme weather events.  A recent study, which found an increase in deadly Indian heat waves in recent years, highlights North-Western, Central, and further to south-central region of India as the new hotspots of intense heatwave events. Climate change will only exacerbate these warming trends, at rates faster than the global average.

While we celebrate our festivities in the shade of our homes, we urge you to spare a moment and lend your support to disadvantaged individuals and communities suffering from these rising temperatures across Delhi, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, and other affected states in India.

Our team on the ground has identified areas neighbourhoods with multiple risk factors in Delhi and several other Northern states that are in urgent need of interventions to cope with the dire situation. Through solutions such as cool roofs, which will help to reduce the local ambient temperatures, restoration of water resources, water stations at major crowded locations, engaging with school communities on the effects of heatwaves, among several others – we plan to reach out to over 2 lakh people who are at risk.

With your help, our team will be able to provide heat relief all summer long. Your support can be a life saver for the less fortunate during the hot sweltering months and the need is even greater this year due to the economic challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stories From The Ground

Bearers of the Brunt: Sheela, who lives her husband and two young children in Yamuna Khadar area in East Delhi works in the fields and grows seasonal vegetables for a living, shares how the extreme temperatures has impacted her health disenabling her from earning a livelihood. Both her children are unable to attend the local school due to heat stress which has led to vomiting and diarrhoea. Read the full story.

Stories From The GroundRazed to the Ground: Ram Kishore, a daily wage worker, was asleep in his hut in when it caught fire in the middle of a blazing hot day. The shanty which was fashioned out of discarded stuff, plastics and frayed tent material burned to ashes robbing the family of their belongings and hope. Read the full story.

Local Doctor Speaks: Dr Ram Brij Sharma who serves as a community doctor in the slum and low-income localities in East Delhi highlights that the cases of heat affected are increasing rapidly. The doctor shares causes, symptoms, prevention tips and how it can lead to a stroke. Read full story.

Our Interventions

As the weakest and the most disadvantaged communities grapple with the rising temperatures and unprecedented effects of climate crisis, our team on the ground is mobilising to provide urgent and much needed interventions for those who are most affected by these adverse climate conditions. Here are a few glimpses of our ongoing work:

14 partner organisations have been oriented pan India regarding heatwaves and its impacts. 12 partner organisations in Bihar and 2 partner organisations in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have been oriented. Orientation sessions in other states are being planned.

Cool roofs designed to reflect more sunlight than a conventional roof, absorbing less solar energy will help to reduce the local ambient temperatures. Cool roof solution was implemented in a school in Dehradun and Patna and is being implemented in a school in Delhi. We have been able to reach 388 people through this intervention.

4400 people have been reached through our community awareness efforts where they are trained and made aware on the effects of heatwaves and necessary Do’s and Don’ts. 139 orientation sessions have taken place. Five in village communities in Darbhanga, Begusarai and Patna, 1 school in Patna and 1 coaching centre in Patna, 15 residential areas, 12 schools in East Delhi, 7 schools and 4 residential areas in Dehradun.

Through temperature data logger, which is an electronic device capable of measuring temperature and humidity data at defined intervals we have been able to reach 240 people.


For further information contact:
Mr. Sidarth Sharma, Resource Mobilisation and Partnership
Mobile: +91 9136001392 | Email: ssharma@seedsindia.org