Sustaining on Ration kits and fighting the pandemic

I think, people must stop looking at us as the carriers of disease. As much as I know, the virus was first brought into the country by those who travelled internationally.  This is not a disease only of the poor” says Amala, one of the millions that SEEDS reached out to.

While the poor are already suffering from the harshest lockdown in the world, the urban middle class families’ woes over getting bored at home. The poorest aren’t facing boredom. They were and still are facing hunger and are also being neglected by the society.

Amala’s story is one such heart-touching story that narrates the agony of poor impacted in covid-19.

Amala worked as household somewhere in west Bengaluru and single handed supported a family of three comprising her old and ailing mother and a young daughter. The frugal earning was not sufficing enough to offer full three meals a day leave apart other amenities of life.  As if the test of life was not enough, the lockdown a result of Covid spread further tormented their lives. She not only lost her job and now many out of fear are not willing to take the risk of letting a help like her, apparently coming from a poor’s surrounding considered unhygienic, come to their house.

With absolute no money and food in reserve, no source of income coming her way Amala today is completely distraught and inconsolable. Not worrying about herself, she fears what will be the fate of the other members.

SEEDS is proud to be reaching out with relief kits to the needy like her in such times of crisis and do hope that Amala and others like her get their share of smile back at the earliest.