Reaching out to People with Disabilities

People with disabilities face additional challenges during COVID-19 lockdown. While people with disabilities who work in the organised sector are not facing economic problems in particular, those who are unemployed or have insecure jobs find it hard to buy food and basic hygiene essentials.

Prasanth is one of those who has been severely hit since the lockdown was enforced. 7 years ago while Prasanth was on his way to work met with an accident and lost a leg. The incident turned Prasanth’s life upside down. Walking with a stick and hands partially paralysed, Prasanth finds it difficult to feed his wife and his 2 year old child. With no source of earning his family has been living a life of destitute. Additionally, his only walking stick is now damaged. Without the stick, Prasanth can barely lift his body. They had been living in Kannur district but the financial crisis forced the family to look out for a place in their budget. On being informed by a distant relative about a minimal rent in Wayanad they decided to move. Unfortunately, they could not reach the relative over phone and was stranded by the lockdown. The family is now wandering in the corridors of a government school at Ambalavayal, Wayanad.

On hearing the news about the family from panchayat authorities, the members of SEEDS located the family and provided them with hygiene kit. The family was also provided meals by the government community kitchen. In this extraordinary times, when the whole country is locked down, SEEDS is perhaps saving lives and prioritizing people more than anything.