Join Hands To Help People Of Mundakayam, Kerala and Jhutiya, Uttarakhand

Kerala and Uttarakhand have witnessed torrential rains and devastating flood that have ravaged lives of people in the state since 14-16 October, 2021.

The Mundakayam panchayat, of Kottayam, Kerala having a total population of 38,445 has reported 61 houses have been washed away and more than 450 houses have been damaged. On the other hand, a population of more than 1100 has been impacted in village Jhutiya, Uttarakhand due to incessant rains followed by landslides. 50% of the land has been damaged and around 100 houses raised to the ground, leaving many trapped in the debris.

Most of the people living in the Mundakayam and Jhutiya panchayats are from economically weaker sections like daily-wage earners, plantation workers and farmers and who barely manage to make their ends meet.

As per our team on the ground in the village and Rekha Das and K.R. Suresh, Village heads there is an urgent need to provide access to hygiene items and essential items since most of their belongings have been washed away. Water sources in the area like community wells require urgent cleaning to cater to the drinking water needs. The ongoing adverse impact of Covid-19, additional challenges posed by the flood hence calls for urgent humanitarian appeal.

Your support is required to assist the people of Mundakayam and Jhutiya, and other communities. SEEDS seeks your generous support and other organisations to join hands in assisting and helping the people of Kerala and Uttarakhand.
How can you help?

1. Donate by providing support for these immediate needs from the ground

Ration Kit – Rs. 1000

To help feed a family of five with ration kit consisting of a wheat flour, rice, pulses, oil, salt, and sugar.


Hygiene Kit- Rs. 1500

To support one family with a hygiene kit ensuring dignity and protect them from diseases arising from poor sanitary conditions


Essential Kit – Rs. 5000

To enable a family to cook and rest. It comprises of clothes for family, plates, glasses, spoons, ladle, bowls, kadai, blanket, floor mat, candles and lighter.


Restoration of water sources- Rs. 10000

To support 20 families with safe and clean drinking water. Help in restoration of water sources like community wells by desludging, cleaning and chlorination.


2. Sharing this need with any organisation/ individuals that can support people of Kerala. They can join us in this mission, or we can facilitate to help in reaching to these communities directly.

Reach out to Sidarth for more information:
Mobile: +91 9136001392 | Email: ssharma@seedsindia.org


SEEDS Emergency Helpline is now operational for cyclone affected areas. Call on this Toll-Free no. 18008890546 for any support in affected areas. Please spread this message in your family, friends, network groups for maximum reach.