Ensure Children Are Safe, Comfortable & Happy

Children are highly vulnerable to climate change and disaster impacts, while those of them living in marginal environments and situations of poverty are more vulnerable still. Disasters threaten the lives, rights, and needs of children the most. Among all public amenities, schools and the children inside them are among the most vulnerable groups during any disaster. No task is more important as creating a safe learning environment for our children.

SEEDS recognises the role of schools in the community as being very important. In fact, it would be befitting to call schools cradles of the society. Children are a dynamic and powerful force of change and are supporters in creating

awareness in the community. Through our interventions, SEEDS highlights the role of children in the process of change and has made efforts to tap these powerful agents of change to create safe schools. Creating safe environments for children in schools through capacity building, education and training will help them face disasters.

As children return to schools after a gap of two years due to nationwide caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important to create sustainable learning environments. Majority of schoolchildren rely on their schools as a place where they can interact with their peers, seek support, access health and immunisation services and a nutritious meal. Now more than ever children need support to readjust and catch up on their learning and schools need support to recover children’s remedial learning, health and nutrition, and mental health and protection measures to nurture children’s development and wellbeing.

Children need your help to survive and thrive. Donate to protect children’s rights to safety and survival in the face of disasters, climate change and other risk, and their right to education and development.

Your contribution can help save and restore lives! Donate now.

For further information contact:
Mr. Sidarth Sharma, Resource Mobilisation and Partnership
Mobile: +91 9136001392 | Email: ssharma@seedsindia.org