HIV patients braving COVID-19

The lockdown has left the people living with HIV with a lurch as they need special nutrition to say healthy. With the stigma and discrimination among patients with HIV has also caused various problems for the patients in this lockdown. Many HIV positive people have low income and cannot afford to buy nutritious food on their own. They depend on NGO or the government. However, SEEDS have also reached out to this section of the society that is badly hit.

Manu (name changed to protect privacy) is a widow with four children; two daughters and two sons who lives in one of the villages of Pune district in Maharashtra. Some nine years ago, Manu was pregnant with the fourth child and the news of her conceiving had brought joy in the family across. But an unfortunate incident happened as her husband committed suicide and left the family on the road. Her world turned upside down soon when she was diagnosed with HIV positive. With the stigma and years of hardship she managed to get a job in social sector.

With a challenge to feed 7 head, this lockdown has severely affected her livelihood. However, SEEDS and many others have given us hope that to support this community who are staring at an uncertain future is more important than the stigma and discrimination that the society follows.