Making Communities Resilient During Heatwaves!

Join us in protecting the vulnerable communities affected by heatwave.

“I drive an auto to provide for my family. During the summer, I drive around the city in extreme heat and feel even worse by the time I get home at night. I can’t think of any other disaster like earthquakes or floods; summers are itself a disaster for me, affecting both my health and livelihood costs,” says Deep Chand Kumar, a community member from East Delhi.  

Each year, heatwaves in India makes life miserable for the vulnerable communities, by threatening and challenging each stage of their day. They fight hard but unfortunately health conditions deteriorate for which they succumb to the extreme conditions.

March 2022 turned out to be India’s hottest ever March in 122 years reported by the India meteorological department (IMD) and this year as the country recorded its highest ever maximum temperature in February in most of the states, it is likely to witness relentless and lethal heat waves between April and June according to the National Weather Bureau. 

Heat waves are disrupting weather patterns, leading to extreme weather events, unpredictable water availability, exacerbating water scarcity and contaminating water supplies. Such impacts can drastically affect the quantity and quality of water that people need to survive. Last year between March and May, Delhi and many other states experienced heat waves with record-breaking temperatures reaching up to 49.2 degrees Celsius, leading to devastating socioeconomic and public health impacts. 

Our Solution:
Being proactive to such initiative shows your passion to protect and fulfil not a mere goal but create impact with examples. That is how SEEDS team on the ground has identified areas with multiple risk factors in Delhi and several other Heat Alert states focusing on the most marginalised individuals and communities that are in urgent need of interventions to cope with the dire situation. Elderly, children and women are among the most vulnerable amid the hot weather and we need to take extra care of their health to prevent heat related illnesses such as heat stress and heat stroke. Individuals such as migrant workers working outside at peak hours, for example, and continuous exposure to heat/cold waves inflict severe health impacts, as well as the economic loss that follows with health loss.

Through solutions such as cool roofing, which are designed to reflect more sunlight than a conventional roof, absorbing less solar energy; this will support in reducing the local ambient temperatures. The other solutions include restoration of water resources, water stations at major crowded locations, engaging with school communities on the effects of heatwaves, among several others – we will reach out to over 14000 people providing them with shelters, relocation to other houses during the peak summers, water filters and street shading.

A glimpse from our community

A glimpse from our community

During the installation of cool roofing

A woman with her child during the peak heat hours

The IMD expects that after March, the country will only get hotter. Heat waves will be more likely, and the country will need to prepare for them. With your assistance and motivation, our team will be able to provide heat relief all summer long. Your support can be a life saver for the vulnerable during the hot sweltering months.

Targeted Geography:

SEEDS intervention will focus on the areas falling under the Core Heatwave Zone (CHZ), covering states like Delhi, Haryana, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and West Bengal. 

We urge you to spare a moment and lend your support to the individuals in need and the communities who are vulnerable to these rising temperatures across these targeted states.

We seek your support to ensure we reach out to the communities till last miles.

How you can contribute:

Conduct heatwave awareness campaigns-  Rs. 10,000 per group

To support 10 women-led volunteer groups


Assist with cool roofs Rs. 5000

To help reduce the local ambient temperature for a home and family


Restoration / installation of water resources – Rs. 2000

To assist 16 families with safe drinking water


For further information, contact:

Ms Pritha Purkayastha
Email: partnership@seedsindia.org