Upscaling Community Resilience through Ecosystem based Disaster Risk Reduction (Eco-DRR)

Implementing Agency:  SEEDS (Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society) Need of the

Partners for Resilience Strategic Partnership

The Need What does risk mean in a broader sense? As part

Small Acts Big Impact

The Need How can we understand the impact that we are having

Adapting with FREEDM

The Need Biratpur and Atalkha panchayats in Sonbarsa block of Saharsa district,

The Environment, Risk Reduction and Adaptation (TERRA) Mela

The need Can traditional technologies be revisited as an answer to the

The Catalysts of Change: From Local Forums to Shifts in DRR and CCA Policy

The Need Communities living in fragile, climate sensitive and remote regions of

The Virtual Knowledge Centre for Community Based Disaster Management

The need Climate change was still not a mainstream discussion. So, what

Bioshields in Tamil Nadu

The Need The unique geography of the 1,076 km Tamil Nadu coastline

IIPA- MORD: community and environment (Uttarakhand)

The need: What is the impact of participatory approaches to forest management?