Housing Ecosystems

Leh Flash Floods Recovery

The need On August 5th, 2010, the picturesque landscape of Leh Ladakh

Kosi Floods Rehabilitation

The Need: In August 2008, a breach in the eastern Kosi embankment

Balasore Aashray Yojana

The need Though floods in Balasore are common, the 2007 floods were

Barmer Aashray Yojana

The need In August 2006, flash floods in the desert state, destroyed

Kashmir Earthquake Recovery

The need A massive 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit the Himalayan region of

Patanka Navjivan Yojana

The need On January 26th, 2001, a 6.9 magnitude earthquake devastated the

IIPA- MORD: community and environment (Uttarakhand)

The need: What is the impact of participatory approaches to forest management?