Frontline: Turning Community Views into Action

The need
Every year, various types and scales of disasters strike the country. Communities hailing from the lowest rung of the socio-economic ladder are the worst-affected. Everyday stressors play pivotal roles in the ability to cope with a disaster. Research and action on these are therefore vital.

How we helped
Frontline is a participatory action-research project undertaken in conjunction with government bodies and local communities. SEEDS is handling the India dimension. It aims at:

  • Measuring community resilience
  • Identifying actions and advocacy activities at local, national and regional level; and
  • Strengthening civil society organisations at the local levels.

Six risk zones for Frontline India were identified. Local partners and volunteers were then trained and data collection was done through focus group discussions. The surveys follow a unique methodology which is primarily qualitative in nature; with a conversational mode and documentation of personal experiences as the fundamentals.

The identification of local partners is also helping build a stronger national platform in India.