Nepal Earthquake Response (2015)

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SEEDS has completed its early recovery efforts in Nepal. Thousands of people are now sheltered in strong homes that they built themselves, with material and handholding support that we could provide to them. We have been able to do so, because of the overwhelming response we received from our friends and supporters in India.

Jointly with local partners, we’ve completed more than 2500 homes in all the eleven worst affected districts of Nepal. SEEDS has also addressed the issue of water scarcity by building two underground water reservoirs. These reservoirs, constructed using local methods, now serve the waters needs of over 160 families, roadside shops and passer-bys.

Unfortunately, disasters continue to affect millions of lives every year in our region. We are doing our best to reach out to the most vulnerable who are threatened by such disasters. We are counting on your support to enable us to continue reaching our common goal – of assisting families when they need us the most.