Partners for Resilience Strategic Partnership

The Need
What does risk mean in a broader sense? As part of the Partners for Resilience (PfR) programme, we’re exploring the question of Integrated Risk Management, a multi-disciplinary approach combining disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and ecosystem restoration at the same time. The partnership aims to build capacity of target communities to engage with this concept.

How we helped
SEEDS is implementing this approach in seven gram panchayats of Saharsa District, with a focus on water risks and a multi-sectoral approach for managing disasters.

Each panchayat has now developed an IRM plan.

Specific activities facilitated under the programme vary from community-based early warning systems to the development of long-term vulnerability plans. Another key aspect to the programme is the generation of strong social capital. A citizen forum was formed at the district level with members coming from all walks of life.

The activities are helping take into view the larger perspective of landscape and long-term risk analysis. For example, the panchayats have developed seasonal calendars to assess climate related risks in general and livelihoods in particular. These track seasonal changes and climate-related hazards, helping plot seasonal farming activities.

The changes in mindset are visible. Individuals are establishing linkages with available developmental schemes and policies. These are being leveraged for uses from a new ponds construction scheme (artificial wetland) to planting trees under Krishi Vaniki Yojna (a scheme to promotes agroforestry among local farmers).

IRM is also being integrated in how panchayat development plans are prepared.

The initiative continues to improve preparedness to prevent losses. It’s exploring the protection of natural wetlands as buffers against floods. Ultimately, it’s a step toward building harmony between people and their environment.

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