Project Ankur Puri

The need
In June and September 2008, 19 districts in Orissa were ravaged by heavy rains and cyclonic conditions, leading to the worst floods the region has ever seen. Puri was one of the worst hit districts, with infrastructure destroyed and life at a total standstill. Widespread damage to the schools severely impeded the process of normalising life for the children.

How we helped
Eight schools in the worst affected block of Puri were converted into emergency refuge shelters with disaster resilient features. The design incorporated a water harvesting system, disabled- friendly ramps, an additional first floor to be used during floods and a huge open veranda. 40 masons were given hands-on training during the construction.

These schools are now more than traditional learning spaces. They have also emerged as strong emergency shelters for local residents.

Construction aside, 2,000 students and 60 teachers were trained on disaster preparedness activities.

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