Sikkim School Safety (2011)

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The North East Indian state of Sikkim was struck by a major earthquake, measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale, on the evening of 18 September 2011. The earthquake and the aftershocks that followed took a heavy toll on human lives and property in the State. A large number of residential and public buildings, including schools and health centres, were damaged leaving the people shelter less and traumatised. Damage to school disrupted classes of a hundreds of children across the state.
Based on needs assessment carried out by a SEEDS team that reached Sikkim immediately after the event, SEEDS took up the process of reconstruction, repair and retrofitting of schools in the state. Currently work on the 4 schools is in progress in the state.
  • Sangkhola Primary School, Sangkhola, East District
  • Tadong Senior Secondary School, Tadong, East District.
  • Middle Camp Senior Secondary School, 32 miles, East District.
  • Rhenock Tarpin Secondary School, Tarpin, East District.