The Environment, Risk Reduction and Adaptation (TERRA) Mela

The need
Can traditional technologies be revisited as an answer to the modern-day struggle against disaster risks and climate change?

How we helped
TERRA Mela explored a future that is ‘modern’ in speed and efficiency, yet ‘traditional’ in approach and materials. Above all, a future that is safe and sustainable. Leading architects, engineers, masons and humanitarian agencies converged over one week to explore these solutions.

The initiative included an exhibition with a focus on earth and bamboo architecture, Himalayan indigenous building typologies and past SEEDS projects. Installations of a bamboo swing and tunnel as well as a rammed earth wall helped showcase the structural properties of these materials.

A prototype bamboo hut was also built as part of a Student Action Workshop. This offered Delhi architecture students first-hand experience and technical insight into working with bamboo.

Children explored the use of space in their neighbourhood in a specially curated workshop. They mapped vulnerabilities, created a comprehensive neighbourhood map and a model of their dream vision.

Inspiring talks and lively discussions were held with 19 national and international experts over four evenings. Speakers included leading architects, building conservationists, bamboo experts, innovators, masons and engineers.

Finally, the policy arena brought together personnel from various dimensions of shelter response for an animated discussion on how to improve it; incorporating climate-resilient habitats and accountability aspects.

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