Join Us in Unlocking Nature’s Potential

Some of the most important risks we faced today are climate-related: extreme weather, biodiversity loss and environmental disasters. The rising risks can be reduced through working with nature rather than against it; a concept known as Nature-Based Solutions (NbS). NbS such as green parks, rejuvenated waterbodies, restored wetlands can minimise damage by absorbing stormwater, reducing flood risks and safeguarding freshwater ecosystems. In addition, NbS keep cities cooler during the summer, support flora & fauna, and promote people’s mental and physical health.

NbS are increasingly being recognised as an effective and cost-efficient way of reducing disaster risks, helping people adapt to climate change and building community resilience. NbS can range from minimal intervention, for example, protection of areas important for the delivery of ecosystem services to extensive management of ecosystems to even creating new and artificial ecosystems. They include protecting and restoring forests, the protection of mangroves and coral reefs, the conservation and restoration of wetlands and the creation of urban green spaces.

SEEDS is currently working on several NbS practical approaches to addressing a variety of challenges, including water resource management, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and biodiversity conservation in Gurugram, Haryana; Begusarai, Bihar; South 24 Parganas, West Bengal and Bengaluru, Karnataka. Kanwar Lake in Begusarai, Bihar is an example of NbS being applied in practice, where a managed wetland has helped improve local livelihoods, enabled farming communities to become more resilient to a changing climate, and more.

NbS provides a promising means to a climate resilient future by helping communities take steps to sustainably manage their natural environment to protect themselves from disaster risks. Join us in creating a future in which humans and nature not only survive but thrive together.

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