Story of Bhojan Mata

In difficult times when livelihoods are lost, it is easy to assume that someone with a job is doing alright. But that is not always true. Dhaneshwari, a ‘Bhojan Mata’ at a school, a mother to a mentally challenged son and daughter in her crucial class XII year, a widow has braved the pandemic with a smile despite not getting a salary for months.

Dhaneshwari’s enthusiasm & energy were a big factor in the successful implementation of SEEDS ration distribution drive. She wishes people show more compassion towards each other in difficult times & not presume anything.

The pandemic showed no signs of going & life is getting harder for everyone. But it’s much harder for the more vulnerable sections of society. SEEDS met people like Dhaneshwari through covid relief drive & salute her courage & hope the situation improves soon for her.