Tamil Nadu

Supporting our Legends

With this lockdown, the government has been facing a huge humanitarian crisis as many people across the country are battling hunger because they don’t have ration cards. Despite this, SEEDS assured to feed as many as possible even if they don’t have ration cards.

Mrs. Rangammal is the one amongst millions that SEEDS reached out to. Rangammal sells flower on the street in Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu). She had lost her son and grandson in an accident years ago which flipped over her life from thereafter. In an age to retire, the old lady carries heavy baskets of flowers only to get peanuts in return. She, now, lives with her granddaughter and her two children. Selling flowers had been barely helped her to feed herself and her family, and with this lockdown raised some new obstacles, the primary being hunger.

Without a ration card in hand, Rangammal has started fearing for their lives. SEEDS with the support from the partner organisation No Food Waste, were able to identify many daily wage earners similar to Rangammal, paying attention on feeding the vulnerable and ensuring that the focus remains and processes are geared towards the hunger population.