Anshu Sharma

Anshu Sharma

    Anshu Sharma is co-founder and director of SEEDS, a non-profit organization working in disaster risk reduction and recovery in Asia, and Saferworld Communications, which services the communication needs of the development sector.

    An urban planner by training, Anshu’s work in India focuses on post-disaster reconstruction programs and pre-disaster educational activities. Globally, he has worked extensively across 12 countries in disaster response, coordinating community-based action projects, training practitioners, coordinating inter-agency efforts, conducting research, advocating governments and international agencies, and evaluating programs in the areas of humanitarian response and disaster risk reduction. He is a professional trainer, and a global tutor for Oxford Brookes University of UK.

    He has been an advisor and consultant to numerous government and non-government missions, helping them implement and evaluate their programs. These include UNDP, UNDMT, UNCRD, UNAMA, UNISDR, DEC, Christian Aid, Action Aid, Tear Fund, European Commission, Oxford Brookes University, Kyoto University, University College London, Government of India, and Government of Afghanistan.

    Anshu holds a doctorate in community-based disaster management. He completed his master’s in Urban Planning and has a bachelor’s degree in Physical Planning.