Dr. Anshu Sharma

Dr. Anshu Sharma

Dr. Anshu Sharma is a Co-Founder of SEEDS. Anshu trained as an urban planner at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, and did his doctoral research in global environmental studies at Kyoto University, Japan.

Over the last 26 years, Anshu has worked extensively on disaster risk and climate emergency issues. He has coordinated community-based action projects, trained practitioners, led inter-agency efforts and conducted research. He has also served as an advisor and consultant to numerous Government, non-profit, UN and funding agencies, helping them to plan, implement and evaluate their programmes.

Anshu is known for his abundance of ideas. He has a keen interest in systems thinking, innovations and capacity building within the humanitarian sector. A professional trainer, he has been a driving force behind SEEDS’ frontline disaster trainings and is a global tutor for Oxford Brookes University. Anshu has also pioneered initiatives such as a disaster preparedness innovation lab in Bangladesh and climate schools in Sikkim.

He has co-edited books on Indigenous Knowledge and Disaster Risk Reduction: From Practice to Policy (Nova, 2009), Urban Risk Reduction: An Asian Perspective (Emerald, 2009) and Climate and Disaster Resilience in Cities (Emerald, 2011).  He co-edited the IFRC World Disaster Report 2016, and authored a chapter on Urban Resilience for the UNESCAP Asia Pacific Disaster Report 2017.