Kerala Floods Response 2018

SEEDS is responding to the floods in Kerala, reaching out to affected communities!

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Recent floods have brought unprecedented havoc to the state of Kerala. Incessant rainfall, landslides and the opening of dams across the state have rendered thousands of families homeless overnight across Wayanad, Palakkad, Idukki, Alappuzha and Kotayyam and other some parts.

About 5,400,000 people are affected across 760 villages. One and a half million of them had to abandon their flooded homes and seek refuge in relief camps. At last count over 400 were dead, and 23,000 families had seen their houses damaged. These numbers are changing as floodwaters recede from more areas and the extent of damage becomes visible.

With receding water, families have begun to move back to their villages. Yet, many aren’t able to find a roof on their heads as their houses are either completely destroyed or too badly damaged to safely move back in. Additionally, due to other pressing priorities, the need for children to get back to school and resume their classes is not getting the attention it deserves, putting their academic year at stake.

SEEDS initially mobilised shelter and school relief kits, and is now moving to help families quickly get back into safe homes and children back in school with a programme for repairing and rebuilding homes and schools.


For further information contact:
Ms. Pritha Purkayastha, Co-ordinator, Resource Mobilisation and Partnership
Mobile: +91 98685 06347 | Email: pritha@seedsindia.org