The only hope is – humanity

The only hope is – humanity
Incessant and heavy downpours in the capital city threw lives out of balance. The
post monsoon showers caused Yamuna river to flood and inundate the adjacent areas, forcing the communities residing on the floodplains to seek safety on higher grounds.

Like many in his community, 24-year-old Mukesh, a Compounder, was also compelled to evacuate his shack in Yamuna Khadar area in East Delhi. This has been the second time when a flooded Yamuna led to their displacement. Many of these community members relocated to a flyover nearby. Living without a roof, in front of traffic and vehicle fumes pose a threat to the safety of vulnerable groups such as children, women, the specially abled and senior citizens.

However, in the middle of this, young Mukesh did not deter to reach out and support individuals in need. Despite his own challenges, he did not stop giving back and helping his community with basic remedies. During a relief distribution initiative by SEEDS team, he shared his experience and appreciated our efforts.