Hearing from brave volunteers

“There is no need to panic, local administration and police are providing all required assistance, please be safe in your homes and stay away from all rumours” announced Mohan Rana, a frontline SEEDS emergency response worker operating in the COVID 19 crisis in Uttarakhand during the relief distribution session in Suman Nagar, Dehradun. Working in tandem with authorities to
alleviate the plight of families affected by the crisis, SEEDS has laid equal emphasis on awareness and preparedness in the state.

When people themselves inculcate behaviour changes for collective well-being of the community, and social organizations like SEEDS contribute in this objective in alignment with the local partners, health workers and stakeholders, the initiatives show greater impact. The efforts have been channelized with an understanding that relief and response should also be aligned to long term ownership and self-reliance of the communities. While operating in the field the team got a sense that people have little awareness about the disease and since ration has been a major challenge they haven’t had the motivation to know more about their safety. It is at such junctures that our responsibility doubles.

Besides the distribution, volunteers of the partner organization in the state took out their painting brushes to spread awareness related to the COVID 19 precautions nearby their homes and streets in Bahadrabad Haridwar. Such powerful and simple communication are useful in making the people understand the impact of this crisis and guide them about the response practices in creative ways so that they are better prepared to face future challenges.

The partnership with the administrative bodies is also key in bringing the policy sensitivity required in the government towards the community. The team also received appreciation from the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat for the interventions. In the call for duty, it’s incumbent upon us as human beings to help each other however we can.