SEEDS Designs Solutions Honoured at Future of Design Awards 2021

Our focus of creating and designing a sustainable world was recognised with a prize in the third edition of Business World’s Future of Design Award in the ‘Space Category’.  The award was institured keeping in mind the massive disruption caused by the pandemic, and the need-of-the-hour design solutions created for problems that plague mankind.

The award recognised and felicitate the best prototype and finished designs by designers, architects, innovators and businesses.  The acknowledgement recognised SEEDS efforts towards its build back better approach that is helping communities become resilient to disasters.

Especially in the context of working with the most vulnerable communities in Assam that are hit by floods almost every year as the monsoon brings heavy rain, the award is a badge of honour that highlights SEEDS’s journey of touching human lives and making them future ready. The devastating floods of 2017 in Assam led to loss of lives and livelihood, displacing thousands. Partnerships formulated a collaborative effort to design and build 81 core houses. Architects and artisans worked together to develop disaster-resilient construction techniques. These houses have already faced three floods after construction and have successfully survived. This clearly demonstrates the relevance of integrating indigenous knowledge with contemporary building technologies.