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SEEDS Strategy 2030
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Joining hands for COVID-19 response
SEEDS is now partnering with Grofers, Wipro foundation, Honeywell, PhonePe and Google Pay to reach more people in need!

COVID-19 resources in regional languages
Access a resource bank on different facets of dealing with the coronavirus – from busting myths to dealing with stress. Available in a few regional languages. Read more

Face of Disasters 2020
Current realities mean change is the only constant! Hazard risks, hotspots and broader vulnerabilities are all evolving. What will this mean for the humanitarian sector? Read More

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COVID 19 is affecting millions across India – not just due to the virus but the related economic, social and mental health challenges. We are reaching out to those who are disproportionately impacted, but whose voices go silent.

Currently SEEDS is reaching families across nine states – Bihar, Delhi NCR, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand and West Bengal. We’re distributing essential hygiene kits, meal kits and providing financial support for daily wage workers. It’s not just about distribution, but giving with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

We’re also working with the Government of India and the respective state governments on complementing public health systems, where needed.

It’s not easy to mount humanitarian response programmes in the midst of lockdown. Our response is truly showing localisation in action! Partners and local communities in different corners of India are helping reach the most vulnerable – even through boats if needed!

Thanks to our fearless SEEDERS and your invaluable support, we’ve been able to come this far – crossing the milestone of over a million meals.

This is only the beginning. Together, we will overcome this pandemic by making sure the most vulnerable among us are protected.

“We enable the most vulnerable to build a safer future”

What We Do

Building resilient communities through a holistic and inclusive approach

Disaster Relief And Rehabilitation

Every year disasters caused by natural hazards put millions across the globe at risk and cause losses worth trillions..


In India children have a right to education. With 44% of India’s population being made up of children..

Water And Sanitation

Sanitation was declared a human right by the UN in 2010, but over two billion people across the globe are still a long way from ..


Large sections of the existing workforce have little or no job skills. This makes them unemployable and enables..

Environment Sustainability

Scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is unequivocal. – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change..


Over the years we have undertaken several projects working towards treating a wide range of vulnerabilities. Here are some figures indicating the impact we have had.

Children Reached

Schools Reached

Houses built

Annual report

From our humanitarian response and early recovery programmes to reconstruction, education and innovation activities, SEEDS takes a long-term and people-centric approach to all of its work. Below is our annual report, 2018-19.

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