Leadership Team

Mihir Joshi, Chief Convener
Email : mihir@seedsindia.org
Mihir has almost two decades of experience in disaster management and recovery. It began after the Gujarat earthquake of 2001 where he worked on reconstruction and led a team engineers and construction workers to implement mason training certification courses. Over the years, Mihir has led SEEDS’ technical teams on various reconstruction works. He’s imparted trainings nationally and internationally. He has also served as the Coordinator for the Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network, forging partnerships across the region. Mihir has a Bachelors in Engineering with a specialization in environment engineering and a post graduate diploma on earthquake resistance designing of RC buildings.


Yezdani Rahman, Chief of Programmes 
Email : rahman@seedsindia.org
Rahman has been growing with SEEDS since 2005. He has led on a vast array of initiatives, covering humanitarian emergency response; recovery planning and execution; and capacity building of key stakeholders. Rahman has worked on programmes in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, the Maldives and Afghanistan. He is trained on search & rescue, first aid and fire safety; and also serves as a master trainer on these skills. Rahman holds a Bachelor in Commerce.

Sumeet Agarwal, Senior Director – Project Management and Control
Sumeet manages the timely delivery and budget adherence of our programmes, with a view to problem solving early.

Parag Talankar, Director – Planning and Mobilisation
Parag builds our base of ambassadors, changemakers and partnerships with community organisations across India. This helps ensure programme visions can be implemented in areas across the country.

Aakash Vishwakarma, Lead – Architecture and Innovations
Aakash leads on designing and translating building visions on the ground. Done in partnership with the specific community, he brings the sense of innovation to all our reconstruction programmes.

Shafat Mir, Lead – Construction Management 
Shafat works with construction teams to oversee daily issues, ensure quality and timely completion, especially for our larger scale buildings.

Operations and Partnerships

Arijit Das, Senior Director Fund Raising & Advocacy
Arijit leads on fundraising and donor relationships, working on a symbiotic system where donors are also partners in our work.

Salek Gehlot, Lead – Administration
Salek manages recruitments, day-to-day administration and the smooth running of SEEDS’ head office.

Arvind Sharma, Digital Specialist
Arvind helps keep SEEDS staff connected, exploring new technologies and online systems to power our work.  


Meghna Chawla, Chief Communications Officer 
Email : meghna@seedsindia.org
Meghna has over 18 years of experience in the communications profession. She’s run social sector campaigns, developed innovative behaviour change communication materials and collaborated on training and advocacy components for research uptake. With a blend of advertising and social sector experience, Meghna brings vast knowledge of a range of communication strategies and the ability to deliver to context. Meghna has a Bachelor in Fine Arts from College of Art, Delhi, and a Masters in Business Administration.

Sabiha Ansari, Lead – Communications
In order to further SEEDS’s mission and vision, Sabiha assists in developing and implementing communication strategies to emphasise brand visibility on the website and social media platforms; and to strengthen the media presence and visual documentation.


Bittu Malik, Chief Finance Officer
Email : bittu@seedsindia.org
Bittu has 20 years of experience in finance and accounting, the majority in the social sector. Over the years, he has led the setting up of branch office systems; managed liquidity and payroll; worked on donor financial reporting; and balanced both project and overall annual budgets. Bittu also oversees all income tax & FCRA compliance. He holds a Masters in Commerce.

Rajesh Kumar, Lead – Finance and Accounts
Rajesh assists with all aspects of finance and accounts for SEEDS, with a focus on payroll and financial reporting.

Regional Team

Anita Chauhan, Regional Manager, North Region

Anurodh Saxena, Regional Manager, North-Western Region

Legia Emantha, Regional Manager, North-Eastern Region

Kamal Kumar Tripathi, Regional Manager, East Region

Rozina Rupani, Regional Manager, Western Region