Strengthening Local Governance

Upscaling Community Resilience through Ecosystem based Disaster Risk Reduction (Eco-DRR)

Implementing Agency:  SEEDS (Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society) Need of the

Institutionalising Sustainable CBDRM

Institutionalising Sustainable CBDRM The Need: The communities can work together to fight

Disaster Information Volunteers

The need Disaster data is often limited at the local level. Smaller

Partners for Resilience Strategic Partnership

The Need What does risk mean in a broader sense? As part

Community Urban Risk Reduction Action / Delhi Urban Resilience Programme

The Need East Delhi is one of the most densely populated districts

Frontline: Turning Community Views into Action

The need Every year, various types and scales of disasters strike the

Building Local level Resilience through Citizens Platforms

The need Large metropolitan cities are not just vulnerable to major disasters,

Views from the Frontline

The Need ‘Views from the Frontline’ was part of a global effort

Bioshields in Tamil Nadu

The Need The unique geography of the 1,076 km Tamil Nadu coastline