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  • Women Empowerment through changing face of drought ...
    As village women in Takarwan take charge of a drought mitigation programme, the intervention created an impact far more monumental ...

    by Shreeja
    (SEEDS Team - SEEDS India)

    Friday, 07 Mar 2014
  • Ensuring safer learning environments
    “I have seen changes around my residence – good and bad, but I find no changes in my school.”---Deepak Sharma ...

    by Yezdani Rahman
    (Sr.Program Manager, - SEEDS India)

    Sunday, 02 Jun 2013
  • Community led action for Safer City ...
    Community led action for Safer City – in Mussoorie SEEDS facilitated a Citizen Forum in Mussoorie, in the state of Uttarkhand ...

    by Mr Parag
    (Project Manager - SEEDS India)

    Wednesday, 12 Jun 2013
  • The incessant rains followed by flash floods ...
    The incessant rains followed by flash floods in Uttarakhand on 16th and 17thJune,2013 created havoc in the large number of ...

    by Yezdani Rahman
    ((Sr.Program Manager, - SEEDS India) - SEEDS India)

    Friday, 26 Jul 2013
  • When the community geared up to fight ...
    Saharsa showcases an exemplary example of functioning of Community- led Early Warning System Recently  the nation witnessed the Bihar state government ...

    by SEEDS Team
    (Bihar - SEEDS India)

    Thursday, 07 Aug 2014

  Director's Blog

My thoughts right now with people in Srinagar and in villages around suffering from devastating floods. Such a phenomenon is not usual for local communities. Besides the trauma of such a disaster, people are having to struggle to save their lives and precious assets. And what about young children, the elderly, the sick and people with disabilities. How difficult it must be for them. Their helplessness is worrying. We can only send our prayers at this point, very difficult to access the affected areas due to roads getting...
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Dr. Manu Gupta Director